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UPDATE : 7/02 - New version (2.4), support for picture display in your bot. 

Other recently added features:

  • Integration - other apps can send messages using the bot (see tutorial)
  • Start from command line: [IMprotocol] [screenname] [password]
  • Support for Mobile MSN clients.
  • Also, independently page Mobile MSN clients! View documentation page for syntax for SEND_PAGE().

Get it on the download page. Also updated the RSS-IM project with mobile support.

A demo of this bot is on MSN at, but up and down at any time.


This is the home for the SDBA Revolution Instant Messaging Application Server. It is an open-source server written in Perl to provide an architecture to simplify and streamline the process of writing applications that run on an Instant Messaging network. It can:

  • Just like web server scripting, especially PHP or mod_perl
  • Allows scripting of IM responses/pages
  • Uses code tags <% %> to allow interspersed code/plain text
  • Drop-in pages, real-time changes without restarting server
  • Supports multiple applications per server
  • Code can be written using all the powers of Perl
  • Wide range of pre-set variables available 
  • Tracks user sessions, with configurable timeout
  • Allows session variables across responses/pages
  • Easily expandable with useful functions
  • Supports any number of access lists for basic security
  • VERY easy to write sohpisticated, useful, and intuitive apps
  • Currently supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, YIM, and Jabber
  • Supports MSN Mobile clients - the only bot that does!

Even the most clueless convert will write useful apps quickly. Just check out the tutorial after you download the code.

Why Instant Messaging Applications? For starters, some studies claim over 90% of internet users under 25 use IM on a daily basis, and in many cases prefer it over other communication channels. If you own a mobile phone, chances are you have an IM client with you wherever you are in the form of SMS messaging. The major IM networks (MSN, AIM, ICQ, YIM, more on the way) have SMS gateways that allow you to IM those networks from any portable device. So connect the dots... you have a client with you everywhere, and with the SDBA Revolution Instant Messaging Application Server you have an easy architecture to create sophisticated applications that can allow users to query remote databases, control servers, play games, etc, etc, etc.

The SDBA Revolution Instant Messaging Application Server is released under the Apache license, please see

Please read the Installation notes and Tutorial.

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